2019 Epicurean Esprit



Breweries and Wineries




Past Hosts of the Epicurean Esprit

1990 Mike Davis and Fred Harvey Keith

1991 Mike Davis and Fred Harvey Keith

1992 Payton Family, Woodland 

1993 Adele and Don Giovanne , Woodland 

1994 Jan and Mahlon Whitle, Woodland 

1995 Lea and Dave Rosenberg, Davis 

1996 Kris Rominger and Bob Young, Yolo 

1997 Kathleen and Paul Hart, El Macero 

1998 Nancy and Bob Lea, Woodland 

1999 Jane and Raymond Shurtz, Woodland 

2000 Hans and Martha Hilleby, Woodland 

2001 Joanie and Randy Timothy, Woodland 

2002 Susan and Dennis Ochoa, Woodland

2003 Tandem Proper es, Davis 

2004 Dave and Candis Snow, Woodland 

2005 Elysa and John Hillis, Davis 

2006 Yolo County Historical Museum 

2007 Anita & Dave Long, Davis 

2008 Terry & Jim Heidrick, Woodland 

2009 Yolo Fliers Club, Woodland 

2010 El Macero Country Club, Davis 

2011 Kim & Trish Timothy, Woodland 

2012 Tandem Proper es, Davis

2013 Yolo Fliers Club, Woodland 

2014 Bill & Julie Payne, Woodland 

2015 Rick & Lynn Bunfill, Davis 

2016 Dave and Candis Snow, Woodland 

2017 Yolanda Ranch, Woodland  

2018 The Maples Wedding & Event Center, Woodland

2019 Windmill Vineyards, Woodland

2019 weather venue, Waite Hall, Woodland